Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the Assigner app.

We just authenticate your mobile number. Besides that there is no registration or login requirement.

You can assign TO-DOs to any contact of yours from your own mobile contact list. And if other person is not having assigner he/she receives assigned TO-DO along with the download link of app.

Yes! Sending a SMS is optional and if selected then SMS is sent through your ownmobile only and you will be charged as per your plan with your operator.

Double tick against TO-DO or message indicates that TO-DO/message has been read by other person.

Click the fire icon to convey urgency. Assignee will get notification for same, change of urgency level will appear in the exchanged messages list and fire icon for assignee also will become active.

You can not change urgency of received TO-DOs. You must be trying to change that only.

You can not modify received TO-DOs. You must be trying to change that only.

For ease of creation of TO-DOs we do provide this option. But we create a separate TO-DO for each individual as practically this is how life works. For each TO-DO there has to be an individual owner only.

Assignee can always close a TO-DO and you will be notified about same. If you are not convinced with closure then just reopen it from closed list, by click of check box

Use messaging option to send reminders or seek clarifications. Any task with a new message comes on the top of the list. any unread message is indicated by red icon

Purpose of closely watched is to manage priority in your TO-DOs list and it is for your own purpose only.