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Mobile App to Manage the TO-DOs Monkeys!

Time management techniques are always helpful to manage your work in an efficient and effective way which is the key to a successful and stress free life.

Evolution of technology is helping us to improvise on the time management techniques by using smarter productivity tools.

mAssigner is a latest invention in that direction and mAssigner is inspired from :

"Who's got the Monkey" by William Oncken and Donald Wass which has been adjudged as the second most popular management article ever published by the Harvard Business Review. (monkey signifies the TO-DOs/Tasks which we are supposed to manage)

mASSIGNER the "TO-DOs list manager" application empowers you to manage your monkeys / TO-DOs/Tasks smartly in a playful manner.

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What is the Need of mAssigner Application...

This application is an attempt to bridge the gap between what is actually required for
Tasks/TO-DOs management and what exists as on date.

About mAssigner

It is a TO-DOs/Tasks list manager, mobile application which has been created with an intent to manage TO-DOs in most efficient way.This way you can keep a tab on self created TO-DOs, TO-DOs assigned by others and TO-DOs assigned by you to others. Thus you will have a complete control on all the to-dos which you need to manage and this shall improve your productivity.

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