Our Features

Manage TO-DOs

Create and manage your TO-DOs.

2 way Communication

Send reminders or seek clarifications.

Mobile # based

Select assignee from your Mobile contacts list.


Set reminders to not to miss deadlines.

Manage Deadlines

Manage the deadlines with ease.

Assign TO-DOs

Assign the TO-DOs to right owners.

Get Notified

Get notified on new tasks, messages, updates.

Communicate urgency

Inform high urgency via fire icon.

Focus on few

Use close watched feature to focus on few.

Cloud sync

We save all info on cloud and can setup dedicated one for enterprise.

and much more...

If user doses not have Assigner , TO-DOs is sent via SMS along with a link to download the app.
Viw assignee or assignor wise summary of TO-DOs. It becomes a very powerful feature when TO-DOs list is beyond 20.
This feature again helps to filter out urgent ones. And it also helps to filter out those ones on which you want to focus upon.