“Who’s got the Monkey” has been the second most popular management article ever published by the Harvard Business Review (“Management Time: Who’s got the Monkey”, by William Oncken and Donald Wass). ‘Monkeys’ denote the tasks which we are supposed to manage in our day-to-day operation.

In our day to day working, we manage following tasks/monkeys:

  • Self      assigned: Tasks that we identify from our personal/professional      commitments or liabilities
  • Assigned      to us: By supervisor or by family members
  • Assigned      by us: To our team members/collgeaues or to      family members. Our life actually revolves around these tasks only.

It is important to have a tool which can help us to manage all such tasks and it is also important to ensure that the tasks remain with their assigned owners. However, limitations of currently used task management tools are:

  • Email and its limitations: Only 10% of emails      require actual action. However, to read this 10%, a person has to leaf      through all the emails in his inbox. Then he has to save the tasks in a      separate to-do list.  And on completion, he has to inform the      assigner via email.
  • Calling  and its limitations: Call a person and assign him several tasks. It is      most likely that the person will remember only parts of the assigned tasks because he may not be in a position to note the assignments      down or he may just avoid making a note of the same. As a result, you end      up reminding him again and again.
  • Maintaining a to-do list as well as action trackers: To      track the tasks to be done on your own or assigned by you.
  • Follow up      for updates on completion of tasks and      maintain action trackers. No visibility on the action requested to someone      else till someone responds back. So following up on the team members for      delayed tasks becomes easy

All above activities consume time/impact productivity and surely are not efficient ways to manage tasks.

For this only we are soon coming with ASSIGNER, a revolutionary app for effective task management.



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