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Just Manage TO DOs in proper way and you can manage your future !!

Many people start the week with a To Do list, only to struggle to get the work done by the deadline. The truth is a To Do list can look daunting, especially when there are 101 different things that need doing.

However, there are some methods that can be employed to make getting through the task list just a little bit easier.


It might seem obvious, but many people don’t prioritize their task list. Some small jobs can wait, while others can’t. Clear the tasks that need doing urgently and leave the rest. Perhaps write a second to do list for tasks that aren’t that urgent and can wait a few more days.

Concentrate on the small jobs

Through the week, they’ll often be many small tasks that are crucial to getting your work or project completed. This might be sending emails, making a few quick phone calls etc. However, as they don’t take long to do, these things are often put off until later. Instead of delaying the smaller tasks, get them done first, then that is a whole array of jobs you can cross off the To Do list and the rest won’t look so daunting.

Ignore Emails

Don’t ignore all of your emails, just the unimportant ones. Reading and replying to e mails is a time consuming task that can stop you from completing some of the items on your To Do list.

Set up two different accounts: one for business and one for personal e mails. Only check the business e mails during the working day, and then check your personal e mails in the evening.

Lacking ideas? Move on to the next item

Sometimes an item will remain on your To Do list because you are stuck for ideas. It might be an article you are writing, a presentation you are preparing, or a script that needs completing. If you are stuck for inspiration, then move on to another task and cross that off your To Do list.

Use a Management Tool

Keeping track of different lists can be difficult, however, with brand new tools such as the mAssinger to make project management simple and straight forward, planning and managing your To Do list much easier.

Task Management Made Easier by Novel Mobile App mAssigner- A New Generation To-Do List Management Solution

Innovative Mobile Application “mAssigner” has been launched, to manage the To DOs / tasks in a collaborative way, targeted to increase the productivity of professionals.

Delhi,India (PRWEB) April 10, 2014

Time management techniques are always helpful to manage work in an efficient and effective way; this is the key to a successful and stress free life. Evolution of technology is helping us to improve time management techniques by using smarter productivity tools, and the creators of mAssinger have taken this a step further.

The mAssigner application is the latest invention for improving time management and effectively managing the all-important To-do list; mAssigner has been conceived by professionals who have more than 20 years of management experience and are also experts in the mobile apps area.

It has been designed with the simple logic that most professionals do not work in isolation. However, almost all the to-do management tools are designed to work on their own; so there has long been a need for a tool that will help people to work in a collaborative way.
In an office environment, professionals often end up assigning tasks on numerous occasions (formal/informal meetings, project need, mail triggered by someone, etc.) and via various channels (phone, email, chat, verbal) but they do not have a comprehensive way to manage all those individual tasks. This results in many of the tasks missing their deadlines and endless chaos when it comes to the task completion; this all impacts the productivity and outcome of the team. To resolve these problems, and also to plug the gaps in the currently available solutions, this productivity improvement mobile app, mAssigner, has been conceptualized and is being launched for Android and iOS smartphones.

The patent-pending new app works in a unique but simple way, tapping the power of mobile. It assists task management and assignment of tasks by selecting contacts from the phone book. So similar to whatsapp, it is centred on a mobile number and does not require any registration process except for your mobile number verification.

The assignee will receive the task through the application if they have mAssigner enabled on their device. Otherwise, the task will be transmitted from the phone through an SMS. This way, one can monitor all self-assigned tasks, received tasks and the assigned tasks. Thus one can have a tab on all the tasks which one needs to manage.

The applications has been launched with advanced features, such as two way communication between the assigner and assignee; getting notified about the progress and completion of tasks; the built-in messaging feature; Cloud synch capability; feature to manage urgency & priority; manage deadlines and tracking the tasks till closure. For more information, about mAssigner, visit

To find out more about the new, free app, or to download it, visit:

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