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What Challenges we face in task management?

Digging out tasks/ To-Dos from emails

Each day hundreds of emails are received but hardly 5% are task oriented. Scanning all these mails to dig out the task oriented ones is really time consuming. Most of mails are for FYI only and not for FYA

This activity of checking the email proactively hogs atleast three to four hrs per day. Even in some urgent discussions or meeting we are worried about the mails as some one might have sent us some urgent task and we might get delayed in acting upon same.

Tasks Management of the assigned tasks

Multitude of tasks/To-Dos is assigned to the team members. But only partial are accomplished and rest are forgotten. We keep on assigning tasks to our team members- by calling by sending mails or by sending action trackers or during casual discussions. But we do not have a single tool  manage the assigned tasks

We end up in these kind of situations : 10 tasks assigned, 4 forgotten, 2 pending mails and 1 not done because mood is not there. End result 50% delivery

No simple tool exists for tracking the assigned tasks

Plethora of tools is available to manage our own “To-Dos” but No simple collaborative tool exists to manage the assigned tasks .Action trackers or heavy project management tools are used for managing team tasks conveying deadlines and urgency but no simple tool exist for same.

Also most of our energies are sucked up, in doing follow-up to know the status of assigned tasks. As well as to send repeated reminders for ensuring the task closure.

Ultimately to ensure completion of tasks assigned to others many a times we end up carrying monkeys of others on our back.

Because of all these reasons we are  stressed out while doing task management

 To effectively manage all types of tasks – SELF , RECEIVED and ASSIGNED, there is dire  need of a simple task management solution which can be used by ANYONE, ANYTIME and ANYWHERE.
assigner tool

ASSIGNER mobile app is the simple, single solution to manage all the tasks in the most efficient and effective way.